Subject: Socio-economic aspects

361. Cassava safety and development
John Lynam

373. Cassava safety in times of war and drought in Mozambique
Julie L.Cliff

379. Links between cassava marketing, processing and dietary cyanide exposure in Zaire
Mayambu Banea and Hans Rosling

385. Methods for the dissemination of food processing technologies: the soybean example in Nigeria
Sidi M. Osho

393. Introducing improved cassava processing technologies in Southern Tanzania
Zoe Bainbridge, Karen Welling, Nigel H. Poulter and Nicholas L. V. Mlingi

401. Importance of cassava processing for production in Sub-Saharan Africa
Felix I. Nweke and Mpoko Bokanga

413. Cassava safety: implications for cassava biotechnology research
Ann Marie Thro