Improved awareness of the policy context into which science and technology advances on tropical root and tuber crops have to be made to ensure significant advances in food security, livelihoods, incomes and economic and social benefits. With improved awareness, there is an increasing probability of national governments and donors investing in issues that are going to have a measurable impact, such as:

  • Increased capacity with ACP countries to assess policy issues
  • Improved capacity to develop successful research proposals.

Without policy support and funding, it is challenging to undertake significant research and capacity building that will widen economic and social benefits.

The EU-ACP Project: Science and Technology for enhancing the contribution of Tropical Root Crops to development in ACP countries , seeks to ensure that:

  • Policy makers and donors in ACP countries are made aware of the potential contributions of tropical root crops to food security and livelihoods in development
  • Better focused research and development projects initiated through better awareness of development and policy issues

The Project Management Committee (PMC) selected four policy thematic areas:

These policy briefsare critical to the development and sustainability of Root and Tuber crops in ACP Countries.

Partners in each ACP Region prepared presentations on each sub-theme for incorporation into the overall policy statement. ISTRC Councillors and PMC members from the African, Caribbean and Pacific Regions submitted their presentations and literature reviews to support development of the policy briefs. These were amalgamated into one policybrief on each of the above thematic areas. To test the policy briefs, they were presented at Technical Meetings at the ISTRC-Africa Branch Symposium in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, September 2010. The Technical Sessions were attended by up to 100 scientists and researchers from over 20 countries. The forum provided a useful opportunity for getting feedback and refining of the briefs. The briefs were further reviewed in November 2011 in Zambia by the PMC (including
the ISTRC Councillor for the Pacific and Caribbean). Copies of the policy briefs can be downloaded on the following links.

The ISTRC would welcome any comments regarding these policy briefs.
Please contact the ISTRC Secretary/Treasurer Professor Lateef Sanni at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.