This meeting is rescheduled for 20-24 September 2021. Please click for registration to symposium and further details.


Lusaka, Zambia, 7-10 September 2020

The International Society for Tropical Root Crops-Africa Branch (ISTRC-AB), symposia serves as a unique platform and a non-profit making professional society for interaction among scientists from around the world working on all tropical root and tuber crops (Sweet-potato, Cassava, Potato, Andean roots and tubers, Yams and Aroids). The Society was created to foster, stimulate, and support any activity leading to the general improvement of the world tropical root and tuber crops production and utilization.

The Society organizes regional symposia every three years. The last three were held in DR Congo (2010), Ghana (2013) and Tanzania (2017). A platform where African and world-leading Scientists, academia, young next-generation scientists, policymakers, donors, emerging farmers, private entrepreneurs, and funding agencies of research for development, working on tropical root and tuber crops meet. At this symposium, they share current research outputs, decide future patterns, and make wide-ranging decisions on the position of tropical root and tuber crops on the African continent and global agenda.

The 14th International Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops -Africa Branch (ISTRC-AB) will hold in Lusaka, Zambia on 7-10 September 2020. The theme is: “Exploring climate smart, nutritious and healthy root and tuber crops for African business solutions”

This symposium will provide once more an opportunity for scientists from throughout Africa and around the world to come together for networking, exchange information and ideas, and to initiate new collaborative studies. Several renowned scientists, young researchers, and other stakeholders are expected to attend this important meeting.

The proposed symposium sub-themes as it relates to climate smart, nutritious and healthy root and tuber crops are:

  • Genetic resources use and management
  • Breeding of root and tuber crops deploying molecular tools
  • Root and tuber crops pests and diseases management under climate change
  • Commercial Sustainable Seed System
  • Agronomy/Cropping systems and weed management
  • Postharvest technologies, value chains, and market opportunities
  • Nutrition of root and tuber crops for food and nutrition security
  • Enhancing innovative impact and partnerships
  • Policy challenges and opportunities for market linkages

For more details please click here: ISTRC-AB 2020 First Announcement Zambia