Description: To represent, as leader of the Executive Council and the Society's Members, the best interests of the Society in furtherance of its Aims.

Terms of Reference:

  • To oversee the actions of the Executive Council and to ensure appropriate actions are taken to serve the needs of the membership
  • To represent the Membership, in accordance with the Constitution.
  • To develop and maintain the development of the Society, in association with the Executive Council through its strategic action plan, publications and fund raising activities.
  • To preside over the Triennial Symposium.
  • In association with the Secretary/Treasurer, ensure suitable arrangements are made for the hosting and delivery of the triennial Symposium.
  • To ensure actions, as appropriate, are taken to maintain the Society in positive financial balance, at all times.

Vice President (Fund Raising)

Job Description: To act on behalf of the President and Members of the Society to solicit appropriate funding and other support for the Society's activities.

Terms of Reference:

  • To develop, cultivate and maintain links with all appropriate sources of support to the Society, including financial support.
  • To manage the sourcing of support in a manner professionally consistent with the aims of the Society.
  • To ensure that all conditions associated with support granted to the Society are duly met.
  • To call upon all other members of the Executive Council to assist the officer in the execution of his duties.
  • To prepare a written report of his activities to the Secretariat annually in September and in advance of the Triennial Symposium.
  • To attend the Triennial Symposium and to propose to the General Meeting a verbal account of his activities in the previous triennium.
  • To deputise for the President by arrangement with the President.

Secretary Treasurer (permanent)

Job Description: To serve as the operational and co-ordination centre of the Society and to manage its financial resources.

Terms of Reference:

  • To hold, manage and account for the Society's financial resources.
  • To release funds only with the prior agreement of the President.
  • To serve as a centre for collation and maintenance of past records and information pertaining to the Society's activities.
  • To prepare annual audited accounts of the Society and to have prepared in advance of the Triennial Symposium a statement of the accounts.
  • To take responsibility for membership recruitment drives and follow through.
  • To attend the Triennial Symposium and provide a verbal presentation to the General Meeting.
  • To facilitate and accept all financial resources owing to the Society including income from membership fees, conference registration and other income.
  • To maintain at all times a current membership list, ensure membership renewals are issued and received, and distribute the list annually to all members.
  • To provide to the General Meeting of the Triennial Symposium an account of the membership.

Councillor for Publications

Job Description: To promote the interests of the Society in furtherance of its Aims through the management of all dissemination outputs (publications) that arise.

Terms of Reference:

  • To seek and collate relevant information for publication in the Society's twice yearly Newsletter.
  • To develop and manage the development of the Society's electronic information systems.
  • To manage the co-ordination of paper and poster contributions made to the Triennial Symposium - making arrangements for their selection, technical review, and compilation, in association with the President and the Secretary.
  • To develop and manage the public relations/awareness propaganda emerging from the Society.
  • To manage the development of a Bulletin Series of the Society.
  • To prepare written reports annually in September of each year and in advance of the Triennial Symposium at which a verbal presentation of actions over the triennium will be made at the General Meeting.
  • To attend the Triennial Symposium.

Regional Councillors

Description: To be the Society representative in the region to facilitate two way exchange of information relevant to the furtherance of the Society's aims.

Terms of Reference:

  • To publicise the activities of the ISTRC at appropriate fora.
  • To serve as the linkage with regional branches of the Society.
  • To seek new members to the Society.
  • To review and contribute to strategic reviews, overviews of national/regional requirements and activities.
  • To review scientific papers as required.
  • To inform the Executive Council of activities, new initiatives, workshops, conferences, resolutions, national and regional plans and any other appropriate information which is of relevance to the Society and its wider membership.
  • To prepare ad hoc and at minimum regular annual reports on the above to the Secretariat each September, and in advance of the Triennial Symposium covering the ........
  • To attend the Triennial Symposium of the Society and provide a verbal report to the General Meeting.

Adapted from material submitted October 2000 by Professor A Westby, ISTRC Councillor for Publications.