Section 1.

The objectives of the Society shall be to foster, stimulate and support any type of activity leading to the general improvement of tropical root crop production and utilization. To achieve its objectives, the Society shall:

  1. Sponsor regional, international meetings, workshops and training courses.
  2. Encourage and support the establishment of regional branches and affiliates to the Society.
  3. Sponsor study groups on subjects of importance to the goals of the Society.
  4. Strengthen cross-linkages between national, regional and international research centres and organisations, including universities, through involvement in jointly-planned research and training programmes.
  5. Publish appropriate and informative communications, such as newsletters, summaries of the status of particular crops, lists of research workers and their areas of specialisation, proceedings of meetings and other appropriate publications.
  6. Facilitate the exchange of personnel and germplasm materials.
  7. Provide financial assistance if possible to members of the Society from developing countries to attend the Society's meetings.

Award members of the Society prizes for outstanding publications or any other achievement for the improvement of tropical root crops.