Subject: Biofortication and adding value for food and health in R&T crops

complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Breeding crops for better nutrition
    Pfeiffer, W.H.

Invited speakers

  1. Process increasing carotenoid contends in cassava roots
    Ceballos, H
  2. Testing retention of pro-vitamin A carotenoid in locally cassava products
    Dixon, B.M.
  3. Testing the bioability of Pro vitamin A carotenoids in biofortified cassava
    Tammaharjo, S.
  4. Product development and marketing in Brazil and Colombia: Lessons from Agrosalud
    Ospina, B.
  5. Introduction: Micronutrient malnutrition and health
    Low, J.
  6. OFSP varieties for Eastern Africa
    Mwanga, R.
  7. OFSP varieties for Southern Africa
    Andrade, M.
  8. OFSP varieties for South Asia
    Sreekanth, A.
  9. OFSP varieties for East Asia
    Xie, K.
  10. OFSP varieties for Latin AmericaA
    Gruneberg, W.

Oral presentations

  1. Consumers preferences for potatoes with quality attributes in Argentina [pdf 117kb]
    Rodriguez, Elsa
  2. The effect of process and environment on the nutritional value of Chuño [pdf 150kb]
    De Haan, Stef
  3. Agronomic and molecular characterization of orange-fleshed East African sweetpotato landraces
    Tumwegamire, Silver
  4. Carotenoid retention in Bellow – fleshed cassava Turing processing sweetpotato cultivars [pdf 81kb]
    Vimala, Bai
  5. Physico-chemical and functional properties of Australian sweetpotato cultivars
    Sopade, Peter
  6. Screening for total carotenoids, b-carotene, iron, zinc, starch, individual sugars and protein in sweetpotato germplasm Accessions by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) [pdf 347kb]
    zum Felde, Thomas
  7. Consumer acceptance of bread containing biofortified orange flesh sweet potato.
    Tomlins, Keith
  8. Street foods in Nairobi, Kenya: Their role as a source of micronutrients in low income groups.
    Oyunga-Ogubi, Mary
  9. The foods of Rongo-marae-roa, sustaining the Maori of NewZealand [pdf 116kb]
    Roskruge, Nick
  10. Seasonal variation of carotenoids in orange-fleshed sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam) [pdf 108kb]
    Vimala, Bai


  1. Concentration of vitamin C, carotenoids and polyphenolics in cooked potatoes [pdf 110kb]
    Burgos, Gabriela
  2. Using a color chart to screen for high ß-carotene in OFSP breeding [pdf 212kb]
    Burgos, Gabriela
  3. Selection limits for dry matter, ß-carotene, iron and zinc in low dry matter orange flesh sweetpotatoes (OFSP) using a 8 x 8 diallel
    Eyzaguirre, Raul
  4. Dialelic analysis of sweetpotato clones for yield and concentration of carotene, iron and zinc
    Gruneberg, Wolfgang
  5. Current status of orange-fleshed sweetpotato breeding in Tanzania
    Lukonge, Everina
  6. Darkening in open-air sun dried orange-fleshed sweetpotato products being promoted for their high pro-vitamin A carotenoid content [pdf 360kb]
    Namutebi, Agnes
  7. Relationship among yield components of eight introduced yellow and orange fleshed sweetpotato in Rwanda [pdf 152kb]
    Ndiringwe, Jean
  8. Agronomic performance of regional popular orange-fleshed sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) cultivars in Kenya [pdf 107kb]
    Ndolo, P.J.
  9. Release and diffusion orange sweetpotato cultivars, 'NASPOT 9 O', 'NASPOT 10 O' in Uganda [pdf 148kb]
    Ssemakula, Gorrettie
  10. Endogenous glucogon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) on lipid-lowering effect of yacon roots in diabetic rats
    Habib, Natalia
  11. Heritability estimates of carotenoid content in cassava roots
    Ceballos, Hernan
  12. Variation in carotenoid content in roots from the same plant and plants from the same cassava genotype. Colombia
    Ceballos, Hernan
  13. Progress in developing a system for direct and simple measurement of protein content in cassava roots
    Ceballos, Hernan
  14. Effect of age of the plant in total carotenoids content in cassava roots
    Ceballos, Hernan
  15. Agronomic biofortification to improve nutritional quality of cassava roots
    Ceballos, Hernan
  16. Protective effect of yacon leaves extracts against nephropathy induced by experimental diabetes in rats
    Honore, Stella M.
  17. Development of quality cereal based composite flour for nutritionally vulnerable children using locally available raw material