Subject: New technologies for producton of planting materials in R&T crops

complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Quality declared planting materials for root and tuber crops
    Lutaladio, NeMambi

Oral presentation

  1. Novel approaches for promoting and diffusing new potato varieties in Kenya [pdf 134kb]
    Landeo, Juan
  2. Great Lakes Cassava Initiative: Project overview and progress to-date
    Dai, Peters
  3. Seed procurement of native potatoes in the central Andes of Peru: the role of farmer-to-farmer exchange, markets and seed fairs [pdf 92kb]
    De Haan, Stef
  4. Are viruses important in Native Seed Systems in Huancavelica, Peru? [pdf 77kb]
    Scurrah, Maria
  5. Current status and opportunities for improving the quality and availability of on-farm potato seed in Eastern Africa [pdf 92kb]
    Lemaga, Berga
  6. Use of cassava tissue culture at Farmer and Industrial level: The Colombian experiences
    Escobar-PĂ©rez, Roosevelt


  1. An improved method to produce rooted seedlings from TPS (True Potato Seed) tested in the highlands of Uzbekistan [pdf 90kb]
    Carli, Carlo
  2. Diagnostic of seed potato systems in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru focusing on native varieties [pdf 62kb]
  3. Effect of partial root-zone drying on the growth of potato plants under greenhouse conditions [pdf 74kb]
    Yactayo, Wendy
  4. Improving farmer based seed system in sub-tropical highlands of Nagaland, India [pdf 59kb]
    Kadian, Mohinder