Subject: Genetic resources, conversation and utilization

complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Securing the genetic base of root and tuber crops 
    Fowler, Cary

Oral presentations

  1. Plants, people and a portfolio approach to the conservation of biodiversity: The case of potatoes in Peru [pdf 85kb]
    Scott, Gregory
  2. CIP genetic resources program: A model genebank [pdf 281kb]
    Tay, David
  3. Towards an efficient in situ conservation of wild yams: a case study on Dioscorea praehensilis in Benin
    Chair, Hana
  4. Gaining and maintaining the worlds first ISO accreditation for a genebank [pdf 78kb]
    Simon, Reinhard
  5. Status and impact of in vitro conservation of root and tubers at the International Potato Center (CIP) [pdf 154kb]
    Panta, Ana
  6. Assisting potato germplasm management and utilization by integrating molecular-based functional genetic diversity
    Del Río, Alfonso
  7. Identification of duplicate accessions within a sweetpotato germplasm collection using morphological characterization and AFLP markers [pdf 193kb]
    Rossel, Genoveva
  8. Ex situ conservation of underutilized Andean roots and tubers in the highlands [pdf 102kb]
    Arbizu, Carlos
  9. Genetic diversity of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) in Peru [pdf 194kb]
    Soto, Julian
  10. Farmers' practices and the consequences for the conservation of clonally-propagated RT crops. The case of yam [pdf 117kb]
    Scarcelli, Nora


  1. Molecular characterization of the Oxalis tuberosa Mol. collection maintained in the CIP's genebank [pdf 326kb]
    Biondi, Jorge
  2. Solanum sect. Petota: the wild potatoes of the Republic of Ecuador
    Salas, Alberto
  3. Effects of pesticides on the expression of reproductive traits of wild potato species
    Centeno, Ruth
  4. The wild potato relatives in Costa Rica: collecting, conservation and characterization
    Brenes, Arturo
  5. An online database infrastructure for integrated retrieval and analysis of passport, characterization and evaluation data of genebank and breeding materials
    Simon, Reinhard
  6. Preserving biodiversity of Andean roots and tubers: working with women [pdf 450kb]
    Antezana, Ivonne
  7. Cryopreservation techniques for the long-term conservation of cassava genetic resources
    Escobar-Pérez, Roosevelt
  8. Developing the concept of genetic stocks in cassava
    Ceballos, Hernan
  9. Variation in starch and root quality traits in cassava
    Ceballos, Hernan
  10. Genetic diversity of arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza) in Peru [pdf 271kb]
    Biondi, Jorge
  11. Morpho-agronomic characterization of Lake Victoria Basin taro genotypes [pdf 145kb]
    Palapala, Valerie
  12. Morphological and biochemical variability in the genus Smallanthus
    Grau, Alfredo
  13. Participatory design of sustainable alternatives for managing and conservation of agro-diversity of Andean tubers in Márquez, department of Boyacá, Colombia [pdf 326kb]
    Clavijo, Neidy
  14. Contribution of information standards to developing networks and providing access to plant genetic resources [pdf 135kb]
    Alercia, Adriana
  15. Genetic diversity of a representative group of the germplasm wolrd of sweetpotato dermined by SSRs markers
    Diaz, Federico
  16. Molecular characterization of commercial cultivars of potato using SSR markers [pdf 150kb]
    Favoretto, Patricia