Knowledge for a sustainable world

Find out from our alumni about their student experience at NRI, with these profile stories.

Make a global difference with our Master’s in Agriculture for Sustainable Development: integrating natural, social and economic sciences, you’ll gain a firm grounding in research methods of sustainable agricultural systems, using case studies of real projects.

With our Master’s in Food Innovation, learn to design the next big food trend with food industry partners. Enhance your skills, knowledge, tools, creativity and sustainability within the food chain and develop practical solutions and value-added products and processes.

Learn from home with our part-time Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning programme, combining the best of NRI’s experience of food value chains with the flexibility of online learning. Enhance your skills and industry knowledge as you study alongside your professional career in the food sector.

On our Applied Food Safety and Quality Management programme, you’ll learn from food sector experts, have membership to IFST, undertake HACCP training and enhance your chances of getting a great job after graduation, with 100% employment rate for alumni.

With our Master’s in Global Environmental Change, you’ll gain a solid foundation in environmental science, data collection and analysis, and land/water-use interactions. You’ll develop key skills and knowledge needed to address some of the world’s major challenges.

With our Master’s in Global Sustainable Development, we will provide you with an in-depth understanding of Development Studies theory and practice, including different conceptions of human, societal and environmental changes. You will also develop hands-on skills in sustainable development design and planning, project management, research, and impact evaluation methods.