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Working Paper Series

pdf 1 What you need to know before buying a CASSAVA FACTORY

When buying cassava processing equipment, it is important to ask the correct questions. This series of short booklets guides the cassava processor on buying the machinery they need, helping them to discern what equipment will be suitable for their operation. For example, there are many steps involved in successful cassava processing: peeling, grating, pressing, drying – and knowing how to choose the correct machinery is essential. These booklets are short, well-illustrated and easy to read and each one explains very clearly, a different step of the process and how to select the right machinery for the job. The booklets take into account cost, food safety, operational safety and how to ensure successful and efficient outcomes for the cassava processor.

pdf NRI Working Paper Series: No. 1 - Climate Change, Agricultural Adaptation and Fairtrade (2010)

Authors: Valerie Nelson, John Morton, Tim Chancellor, Peter Burt and Barry Pound