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Dip. Agric., B.Agric, M. Agric., PhD, FFAMAN

Kola Adebayo is currently the Team Leader, International and Rural Development at the Livelihoods Support and Development Centre, Nigeria. He became a Professor at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria in 2013. His collaboration with NRI spans over two and a half decades. He is commonwealth scholar and holds a split-site doctorate of the University of Agriculture Abeokuta and the University of Reading.

His research and development work delves into the uptake and dissemination of agricultural innovations in smallholder farming systems; management and sustainable funding of agricultural development as well as rural livelihoods and management of the environment. He has successfully participated in several international and multi-disciplinary development initiatives. These include: Assessment of formal and informal education in the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, funded by the FAO in 1995-1996; Trade liberalization and sustainable environment in the export crop sector in Nigeria funded by UNEP in 1999-2001; Commercialization of traditional foods and sustainable rural livelihoods, funded by UK’s DFID (now FCDO) 1999-2002; Development of the small and medium scale enterprise sector producing cassava based products to meet emerging urban demand in West Africa, funded by the European Union (2003-2006) and; Rural-urban migration, poverty and sustainable environment funded by CICRED, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003-2005; Dynamics of the technology adoption process in rural-based cassava processing systems in southwest Nigeria funded by International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden in 2004-2006; Potential adoption and profitability of the cassava peeler in the cassava processing systems of southwest Nigeria funded by the International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden (2008-2011); Adding Value to Waste in the Cassava Processing-Goat Keeping Systems in Nigeria for The World Bank (2009-2011) and Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (C:AVA) on secondment to the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom fund by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation (2008-2013); Increasing Performance of the Cassava Industry in West and Central Africa (IPCI), funded by (International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) (2015-2017).

He is the Project Director, Cassava: Adding Value for Africa II funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2014-2019). He is the Editor, Journal of Sustainable Development and the Editor-in-Chief, Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology. His field and project management experience includes: Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, and United Kingdom.

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  • World Bank Development Marketplace 2008 Winner - 2009
  • Federal University of Agriculture – Research Productivity Award - 2014
  • Times Higher Education Award for International Collaboration won as part of team from the University of Greenwich - 2014
  • Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Further and Higher Education for cassava development work in Africa as part of team from the University of Greenwich – 2015/16
  • Rockefeller Foundation Challenge Award for work on extending shelf life of fresh cassava roots - 2017
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