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NRI is helping to organize an e-conference on "Tackling Poverty Through Multiple-Use Water Services". The e-conference, running from 17 May to 25 June, is being coordinated by the IRC-led Thematic Group on Productive Uses of Water at the Household Level (Prodwat) of which NRI is a core member. The e-conference is a follow-up to the January 2003 international symposium on "Poverty and Productive Uses of Water at the Household Level".

Participants in the e-conference will have the opportunity to widen and explore current thinking on the small-scale household-level productive uses of water in people's livelihoods. The e-conference will be divided into three successive sessions, each lasting ten days, addressing the following three themes:

• Current experiences with multiple-use systems and services
• What are the lessons learned?
• How do we (and should we) go forward?

cows gardening
Water for livestock in peri-urban Cochabamba, Bolivia; Watering vegetables with domestic water in South Africa
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Submitted case-studies (up to four pages long) are welcomed and will be shared with the e-conference participants.

The e-conference is taking place in parallel in English and Spanish. The English conference is being facilitated by IRC, and the Spanish one by Cinara. For further information, including a background paper about the e-conference, visit the web site at To register for the e-conference, contact Laurent Stravato for the English version or Ines Restrepo for the Spanish version.