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“Fascinating, relaxed, thought-provoking – and providing an excellent guilt-free excuse for a weeknight virtual pub-trip!”

After a successful first year, the University of Greenwich’s Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) has been fortunate to be chosen as one of 12 Universities to run a virtual Pint of Science in September 2020!

Pint of Science is an international science festival which provides a space for researchers and members of the public to come together, be curious, and chat about research and science in a relaxed environment outside mysterious laboratories or daunting dark lecture theatres.

The presentations selected belong to NRI researchers Dr Sarah Arnold and Dr Steven Harte:

Pint Sarah 750How to Enthrall a Pollinator – Dr Sarah Arnold: “How should you design a flower to make sure you end up with the juiciest strawberry…. or the most valuable cocoa beans? How can flowers compete with each other to win over precious pollinators and get enough visits from bees (or hoverflies, or midges, or anything else that pollinates)? And what Pint Steve 750can we do to make the whole process as efficient as possible to get the food we want from the land we have?”

My Chemical Romance – Dr Steven Harte: “Delving into the world of semiochemicals, discover more about the odour signals that insects use to navigate the world around them in their quest to find love, food and happiness. Why? Well, once these signals have been identified, we can utilise them to help combat damaging invasive insect species, thus helping to achieve a sustainable future in agriculture.”

NRI’s Pint of Science event will be held online on 8th September, and you can register for a free ticket/reminder: or watch online via You Tube or Facebook:

You Tube:


We hope that a passion for science and research will be kindled in a new audience. Come along and find out what it is all about! We look forward to seeing you!


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