Knowledge for a sustainable world

In response to the announcement of the proposed merger between the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, NRI highlights the importance of continued international development work to help improve the lives of vulnerable people all over the world.

At a time when ensuring good health, alleviating poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals are more urgent than ever, NRI reaffirms its commitment to solving global challenges through international collaboration and interdisciplinary research and development.

Over several decades, NRI’s award-winning work with DFID has resulted in important lessons and outcomes in many areas, including food security, nutrition, agriculture, gender, food safety, climate change, capacity strengthening, sustainable trade and responsible business, sustainable pest management, sustainable agricultural intensification, food systems, food aid, combatting plant crop viruses, land rights, finance, and developing markets.

NRI remains committed to carrying out development work that builds on these lessons, and on contributing to evidence-led policy with a focus on alleviating poverty and ensuring food security.

Carrying out independent monitoring, evaluation and learning of development programmes is essential to ensure their effectiveness and to guide improvements in future initiatives, as our experience has shown. As the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office takes shape, we will continue in our mission ‘to generate, apply, and share knowledge and develop skills for a sustainable world’, ensuring our work has demonstrable positive impacts on the communities we work with.


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