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Caroline Troy, Linden Kemkaran

Climate change is one of our greatest challenges. The United Nations calls it the ‘defining issue’ of our time and says we are at a defining moment. NRI's new BSc (Hons) Climate Change builds on world-leading research to give students the knowledge and skills to make a difference in all our futures. Leading experts acknowledge that the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale, and that more research and a commitment to act, are essential.

Sir David Attenborough sums it up well when he states that, “We are facing a man-made disaster. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate Change”.climate change forest fire 750

Rising temperatures and sea levels, global retreat of glaciers, frequent extreme weather events, and loss of biodiversity pose severe threats to society, both now and in the future. If drastic action is not taken now, we may not be able to make a difference.

But what can we do to stop it? What impact can YOU make? NRI’s new BSc programme offers the opportunity to study the issues, come up with fresh ideas and solve problems.

Only the third Climate Change BSc in the UK, NRI’s dynamic teaching team is made up of lecturers who are research-active and practitioners in their fields, working to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

climate change flooding 750Pursuing a meaningful career is just a dream for many, but NRI’s Climate Change Programme offers the chance to do exactly that by training the next generation of climate scientists. Climate response is an expanding area and there are, and will continue to be, an array of careers across different sectors for graduates, including in local and national government organisations and NGOs.

NRI’s Director, Professor Andrew Westby says: “The addition of the BSc Hons in Climate Change to our suite of undergraduate programmes is crucial to help train the next generation of climate scientists. Join our award-winning institute, where you’ll be taught by experts in the field, and help develop solutions to climate change.”

Professor Tilman Bruck explains: “Climate change affects everyone, everywhere. This course is a great way to study the interconnected ways in which climate change climate change drought 750occurs and can be dealt with. Become a truly interdisciplinary climate change expert by learning with cutting edge scientists helping to shape a more climate-smart world!”

Many organisations are making steps to quantify and reduce the impact of their activities. Supporting climate adaptation involves all sectors of the economy from policy development and review to engineering and agricultural planning. Our programme provides skills that are relevant to a variety of fields and will position our graduates to be flexible in undertaking new roles as they become increasingly in demand in our changing climate.

Dr Conor Walsh is Programme Leader of the new BSc (Hons) Climate Change Programme: " I am really proud that the Natural Resources Institute’s world-leading experts in climate change will be offering this new taught BSc programme from 2021 and will give students the key skills and knowledge to make a difference. Introducing a BSc Climate Change degree to our teaching portfolio demonstrates how seriously NRI sees the issues facing our planet and the key role that institutions like ours can play in helping to address them.”

If you would like to learn from an award-winning institute and develop the knowledge and skills to address some of the world's major challenges, apply now to join us in September 2021.

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