Knowledge for a sustainable world

Development Programme:
Land, Rural Institutions and Governance

Overall Strategy:

In order to achieve this the programme will undertake projects that:

  • Improve documentation and analysis of the dynamics (drivers, outcomes and impacts) of agricultural development and the institutional arrangements that constrain and influence the effectiveness, scale, inclusiveness and sustainability of current projects and programmes. This analysis will address specific areas and regions (districts, provinces or similar territorial units) of Africa and elsewhere.
  • Identify and pilot feasible innovations jointly with local partner and client organisations in order to demonstrate success and the conditions under which it can be achieved.
  • Identify relevant institutional and policy reforms and organisational strategies and programme designs to scale-up successful technical and social innovation.
  • Strengthen the capabilities of farmer and community organisations and bring them together with private sector and local government and civil society partners to develop improved, inclusive models for agribusiness partnerships, agricultural and financial services, and sustainable land and natural resource use planning.
  • Adopt a positive and integrated approach to communications so as to influence policy debate and improve public understanding of rural development dynamics, institutional contexts, and social impacts internationally and in focus countries.

Key themes or outputs:

The programme will pursue a mix of thematic and country focussed outputs covering:

  • Inclusive and sustainable models for small farmer – agribusiness partnerships and value chain development
  • Land and natural resource tenure and conflict resolution surrounding agricultural and land investment
  • Improved frameworks and models for delivery of rural development support, advisory and financial services
  • Development of farmers and rural community organisations
  • Governance and institutional arrangements for funding, delivery and management of agricultural and rural development