Knowledge for a sustainable world

Development Programme:
Capacity Strengthening for Agricultural Development and Food Security

The programme supports individuals and organizations in low-income countries, especially in Africa, to strengthen their ability to engage in high quality demand-led research and learning which leads to developmental impact.

Agricultural development in low-income countries, especially in Africa, is constrained by limited human and organizational capacity. International donors and national governments have made commitments to increase budgets for research, education and extension. However, sustainable returns from such investments will only result if there is complementary support to strengthen human and organizational capacities. Researchers and other stakeholders in smallholder agricultural systems need new skills to work together effectively and to deliver innovative solutions to promote sustainable development. Policy makers and civil society organizations require enhanced capacity to demand, evaluate and utilise evidence so that impact is achieved.


Dr Tim Chancellor
Dr Tim Chancellor
Visiting Fellow in Capacity Strengthening and Partnerships
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