Subject: Preharvest and Postharvest Losses

156. Cassava diseases and their control [pdf 331Kb]
J. C. Lozano and E. R. Terry

160. Field control of cassava mosaic in Coast Province, Kenya [pdf 255Kb]
K. R. Bock, E. J. Guthrie, and A. A. Seif

163. Synonymy in sweet potato virus diseases [pdf 325Kb]
J. Mukiibi

169. Effect of mosaic on the yield of sweet potatoes in Uganda [pdf 117Kb]
J Mukiibi

170. Incidence, symptomatology, and transmisssion of a yam virus in Nigeria [pdf 220Kb]
E. R. Terry

173. Lipid metabolism in mosaic-infected cassava [pdf 128Kb]
C. A. Ninan, Susan Abraham, L. Sandhyavathi Bai, P. N. Chandrasekharan Nair, and Philomena Kuriachen

175. Cassava bacterial blight in Taiwan [pdf 384Kb]
L. S. Leu

179. Factors affecting the incidence of cassava bacterial blight in Africa [pdf 349Kb]
E. R. Terry

185. Effect of potassium and bacterial blight on the yield and chemical composition of cassava cultivars [pdf 253Kb]
G. O. Obigbesan and E. O. Matuluko

188. World distribution, identification, and control of cassava pests [pdf 371Kb]
Anthony C. Bellotti and Aart van Schoonhoven

193. Population dynamics of the green cassava mite and its predator Oligota [pdf 279Kb]
Z. M. Nyiira

197. Distribution, biology, and population dynamics of the green cassava mite in the neotropics [pdf 374Kb]
M. Yaseen and F. D. Bennett

202. Susceptibility of cassava chips to Araeceras fasciculatus [pdf 125Kb]
K. S. Pillai

203. Utilization of potatoes in the tropics [pdf 254Kb]
N. R. Thompson, R. T. Wurster, and K. D. Sayre

207. Scale insect attack on cassava in Amazonia [pdf 62Kb]
Milton D. Albuquerque

208. Summary of Discussions [pdf 131Kb]
Rapporteur: J.C. Lozano
Discussion Leaders: J.C. Lozano, H.D. Thurston, R.H. Booth and L.B. Rankine