Subject: Yam


593. Preliminary Research on Timing of Weed Control in Yams (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) and Taniers (Xanthosoma sp.) [pdf 305Kb]
A.J. Beale

599. Dioscorea nummularia Lam: The Primary Edible Yam of Western Samoa [pdf 422Kb]
W.J. Cable and J.E. Wilson

607. Yam (Dioscorea spp.) Management for Control of Tuber Decay [pdf 380Kb]
J.S. Mignucci, C. de Kok, M. Santiago, J. Green, P.R. Hepperly, H. Velez, and R. Torres-Lopez

615. Experiments on the Vegetative Cycle and Yield Variation of Dioscorea alata by Successive Monthly Plantings and One-Year Aged Seed Tuber Planting (Abstract).
R. Arnolin and P. Mathurin

616. Studies on Fertilization of Yam (Dioscorea spp.) and Yam Tuber Storage in Cameroon (Abstract).
S.N. Lyonga

617. Studies on Yam/Maize Intercropping (Abstract)
S.O. Odurukwe

618. Soil Physical and Chemical Properties Suitable for Yam (Dioscorea rotundata). Production in Southeastern Nigeria (Abstract)
A.C. Ohiri and J.U. Nwokoye

618. Guinea Negro; A High Yielding out of Season Yam Cultivar (Abstract)
O.D. Ramirez, J.J. Green, and I. Caloni

Food Quality ande Chemical Composition

619. Natural Antifungal Compounds from the Peel of Yam Tubers [pdf 328Kb]
S.K. Ogundana, D.T. Coxon, and C. Dennis

625. Phytate Content in Yam, Cooked Yam, and Yam Flour (Abstract).
A. Bell

626. Changes in the Nutritive Value of Two Yam Species (Dioscorea dumetorum and D. rotundata) during Growth and Storage of the Tubers (Abstract)
S. Treche

Plant Protection

627. Selection of D. alata Cultivars of Low Susceptibility to Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) [pdf 283Kb]
L. Degras, R. Arnolin, C. Suard, and R. Poitout

633. Advances in the Study of Anthracnose/Blotch Disease of Dioscorea alata in Nigeria [pdf 416Kb]
A.O. Nwankiti and L.S.O. Ene

Propagation and Tissue Culture

641. In vitro Culture, Results and Prospects for Food Yams [pdf 382Kb]
R. Arnolin and L. Degras

649. The Effect of Sett Size, Sett Type and Spacing on Some Aspects of Growth, Development and Yield in White Lisbon Yams (D. alata L.) [pdf 363Kb]
T.U. Ferguson, P.H. Haynes, and J.A. Spence

657. Recent Approaches to Seed Yam Production [pdf 158Kb]
C. Oyolu

661. Contribution to the Study of Vegetative Reproduction of Yam: Plant Weaning and Tuber Pricking with Dioscorea alata (Abstract)
P. Mathurin