Subject: Potato


451. Potato Production in Fiji - Potentials and Constraints [pdf 266Kb]
M. Iqbal

457. Improving Adaptation of the Potato (Solanum spp) to Hot Climates - Some Physiological Considerations [pdf 430Kb]
D.J. Midmore and H.A. Mendoza

465. Physiological Aspects of the Adaptation of the Potato to the Hot Humid Tropics [pdf 185Kb]
B. Sattelmacher

471. Seed Tuber Potato Production in Argentina (Abstract only)
D.O. Caldiz

471. Potato Performance in Soil Families of the Benchmark Soils Project (Abstract only)
L.A. Manrique


473. Estimation of Outcrossing Rates in Andigena Cultivars: Implications in Breeding TPS Cultivars [pdf 378Kb]
C.R. Brown and Z. Huaman

481. Potato Breeding for Combined Resistance to Tropical Pests by the Ploidy Level Manipulation Approach: Progress in Extraction of Haploids with Male Fertility and 2n Pollen [pdf 326Kb]
M. Iwanaga

487. Intervarietal Hybridization for Potato Production from True Potato Seed (TPS) [pdf 264Kb]
H.M. Kidane-Mariam , H.A. Mendoza, and R.O. Wissar

493. Preliminary Evaluation of True Potato Seed Progenies for their Resistance to Phytophthora infestans (Mont de Bary), Productivity and Uniformity in Colombia [pdf 257Kb]
O. Perez, R.N. Estrada, J.L. Zapata, O.S. Malamud, and J.P. Malagamba

Food Quality and Chemical Composition

499. Dry Matter Content, Total Protein and Consumer Acceptability of Potatoes (Solanum spp.) Produced Under Hot Tropical Conditions [pdf 499Kb]
N. Espinola, D.J. Midmore, and S. Poats

Plant Protection

509. Integrated Control of Potato Moth in Rustic Potato Stores [pdf 322Kb]
K.V. Raman and R.H. Booth

517. Control of Potato Tubermoth (Phthorimaea operculella) Through Crop Association [pdf 217Kb]
S.A. Raymundo and J. Alcazar

523. Interaction of Phosphate Fetilizer and Cyst Nematode Infestation (Globodera pallida), in Two Potato Cultivars [pdf 238Kb]
M. Villagarcia and J. Franco

529. Diseases and Pests of the Potato in Sri Lanka: 1975-1982 (Abstract only)
M. Velupillai and E.R. French

Propogation and Tissue Culture

531. Tissue Culture and Seed Potato Production in Vietnam (Abstract only)
Nguyen Van Uyen