Table of Contents

1. Welcome Address [pdf 48Kb]
Dr Ramon V. Valmayor

3. Interaction and Interdependence in Agricultural Development [pdf 250Kb]
A. Colin McClung

9. Present and Future Outlook for Sweet Potato in Asia-Research and Development Needs [pdf 746Kb]
C. L. Luh and J. C. Moomaw

27. Stategies for Improving Protein Production in Sweet Potatoes [pdf 262Kb]
John C. Bouwkamp

33. Breeding of Sweet Potato Varieties for High Starch Content and High Yield [pdf 254Kb]
Satoshi Sakamoto

41. Proximal Dominance and Sprout Formation In Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam) Root Pieces [pdf 268Kb]
Stanley J. Kays and Gary W. Stutte

49. Flower Induction by Top Grafting in Sweet Potato [pdf 361Kb]
Masashi Kobayashi and Tateo Nakanishi

59. Cytotypes in Sweet Potato: Pentaploid and Heteroploid Types [pdf 238Kb]
K. Vijaya Bai, N. Hrishi and S. N. Moorthy

67. Kumara (Sweet Potato) in the Cook Islands [pdf 391Kb]
Michael Tavioni

81. Screening for Sweet Potato Weevil Resistance [pdf 459Kb]
K. Leuschner

97. Development of Varietal Screening Technique for Resistance of Sweet Potato to the Weevil, Cylas formicarius elegantulus Fabr [pdf 311Kb]
E. N. Bernardo

105. The Interrelationship Between Photosynthetic Activity and Tuberous Root Growth in Sweet Potato Grafts [pdf 234Kb]
Y. Hozyo, K. Shimotsubo and S. Kato

115. The Role of Root Crops, Their Prospects and Development, Needs in the Pacific [pdf 246Kb]
Michel Lambert

121. Root Crops in Papua New Guinea [pdf 597Kb]
R. Michael Bourke

135. The Potential of the Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolubus) (L) DC) as a Root Crop [pdf 379Kb]
S. K. Karikari

147. Studies on Tuber Production in Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolubus (L) DC) [pdf 312Kb]
R.A. Stephenson, V Kesavan, A. Claydon, A. A. Bala and J. V. Kaiulo

153. Post-harvest Operations and Marketing Channels of Potatoes in Thailand [pdf 258Kb]
Sing Ching Tongdee

159. The role of Lime in Commercial Ginger Production in Australia [pdf 316Kb]
A. K. M. S. Islam, D. G. Edwards and C. J. Asher

169. Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberous L.) - A potential Root Crop for the Tropics [pdf 536Kb]
R. Delhey

185. Root Tuber Technology Transfer [pdf 243Kb]
L. George Wilson and John C. Bouwhamp

191. Breeding for Lowland Tropics Adaptation in Potato [pdf 495Kb]
Romeo T. Opena

205. Present and Future Roles of Yams (Dioscorea Spp.) in West Africa [pdf 370Kb]
Jill E. Wilson

213. Yam of Thailand and Species: Importance and Utilization [pdf 88Kb]
C. Sagwansupyakorn and C. Chantraprasong

217. Collection, Selection and Agronomic Studies On Edible Yams (Dioscorea Spp) in Cameroon [pdf 511Kb]
S. N. Lyonga and J. A. Ayuk-Taken

235. Tuber Physiology in Yams (Dioscorea Spp) and Its Agricultural Implication [pdf 485Kb]
I. C. Onwueme

245. Effect of Heap Size and Fertilizer Application on Yam (Dioscorea Rotundata) in Southern Nigeria [pdf 363Kb]
B. T. Kang and J. E. Wilson

259. Nutritional Repercussions of the Differences in Physicochemical Characteristics of Starches of Two Yam Species Grown in Cameroon [pdf 684Kb]
S. Treche and P. Guion

281. The Cassava: Future Potential and Development Needs [pdf 1Mb]
James H. Cock and John K. Lynam

301. Effect of Pre-Harvest Fertilization of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Prior to Cutting for Planting Material, on Subsequent Establihment and Root Yield [pdf 193Kb]
B. A. Keating, J. P. Evenson and D. G. Edwards

307. Cytology and Cytochemistry of Vascular Discoloration in Cassava Roots [pdf 367Kb]
June E. Richard

317. Tong Method: An Effective Screening Technique for Young Cassava Seedlings for Detecting Resistance Against CBB. Disease in Zaire [pdf 185Kb]
R. P. Pacumbaba

323. Performance and Dry Matter Distribution of Cassava at Different Ages and Ecological Conditions in Ivory Coast [pdf 481Kb]
Gerard H. de Bruijn

339. Bioconversion of Cassava ? A Potential Source of Energy in India [pdf 192Kb]
C. Balagopal, K. Vijayagopal and N. Hrishi

345. Ecological Competition Among the Main Starchy. Staples with High Moisture Content [pdf 947Kb]
M Flach

377. The Effects of Various Levels of Cassava on Protein Utilization by Rats [pdf 262Kb]
S. R. A. Adewusi and O. L. Oke

385. Cassava Selection for the Republic of Zaire [pdf 271Kb]
H. C. Ezumah

399. Cassava Root and Foliage Within a Program for Poultry and Swine. Feeding in the Tropics [pdf 566Kb]
J. J. Montilla, R. Vargas, J. M. Carabano, and A. Montaldo

415. Resistance to African Cassava Mosaic and Productivity of Improved Cassava Cultivars [pdf 456Kb]
E. R. Terry

431. On-Farm Evaluation of Improved Cassava Technology [pdf 906Kb]
John K. Lynam

457. Variation in Dry Matter Content of Tubers in Seedling. Population of Three Crosses of Cassava [pdf 105Kb]
P. G. Rajendran and N. Hrishi

461. Relationships of Tuber Yield, Starch Content and Starch Yield of Cassava with Potassium Status of Fertilizer, Soil and Leaf [pdf 316Kb]
S. K Chan and C. S. Lee

475. Importance and Implications of the Physiological Age of Seed Materials of Tropical Root Crops [pdf 379Kb]
K Caesar

487. Effect of Nitrogen Supply on Early Growth, Development and Nitrate Reductase Activity in Two Cassava Cultivars [pdf 717Kb]
E. B. Holmes and L. A. Wilson

507. An Anomalous High External Phosphorous Requirement for Young Cassava Plants in Solution Culture [pdf 419Kb]
S. Jintakanon, D. G. Edwards, and C. J. Asher

519. The Effect of Soil Sterilization and Mycorrhizal Inoculation on the Growth, Nutrient Uptake and Critical Phosphorus Concentration of Cassava [pdf 688Kb]
R. H. Howeler, D. G. Edwards and C. J. Asher

539. The Importance of Colocasia Esculenta in West Java, Indonesia [pdf 293Kb]
S. Sastrapradja and G.G. Hambali

545. The Dispersal of Taro by Common Palm Civets [pdf 140Kb]

549. The Status of Keladi China (Colocasia Esculenta (L) Schott) Cultivation in Peninsular Malaysia [pdf 306Kb]
Farah D. Ghani

557. Taro Production in the Philippines- Its Prospects and Problems [pdf 281Kb]
M. R. Villanueva and G. L. Tupas

567. Taro Research and Development in Fiji [pdf 451Kb]
S. Chandra

579. Taro Production in Western Samoa Potential Marketing. Outlets and Problems in the Region [pdf 382Kb]
Tupuola T. K.

593. Cultivation of Xanthosoma Sagittifolium (L.) Schott or "Makue" in the Loyalty Islands [pdf 380Kb]
Michel Lambert and Anne Peronnet

601. Taro Research at the University of Hawaii and its Implication for Other Countries [pdf 457Kb]
Jaw-Kai Wang and William E. Steink

611. Variability in Taro Seedling Population [pdf 110Kb]
Michael S. Strauss, Grover C. Stephens and Joseph Arditti

615. Preliminary Evaluation of 14 Puerto Ricam and Six Ghanaian Varieties of Cocoyam (Colocasia and Xanthosoma spp.) Under Ghanaian Conditions [pdf 378Kb]
S. K. Karikari

629. Yield and Related Components of Flooded Taro (Colocasia esculenta) as Affected by Land. Preparation Planting Density, and Planting Deph [pdf 263Kb]
Robert B. Kagbo, Donald L. Plucknett and Wallace G. Sanford

637. Growth and Development of Taro (Colocasia esculenta). Under Dryland Conditions in Fiji [pdf 406Kb]
P. S. Sivan

647. Cocoyam Production in Cameroon [pdf 427Kb]
Simon Ngale Lyonga

665. Calcium Nutrition of Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.). Schott [pdf 214Kb]
S. C. Miyasaka and D. P. Bartholomew

671. The Comparative Phosphorus Requirements of Flood and Non-Flooded Taro [pdf 318Kb]
Ramon S. de la Pena, Peter Vander Zaag and Robert L. Fox

683. Storage Qualities of Extruded Taro Products [pdf 476Kb]
J. H. Moy, W. K. Nip, W. Y. J. Tsai and A. O. Lai

697. Major Factors Limiting Seed Set in Aroids [pdf 219Kb]
J. S. Job, K. Vijaya Bai and N. Hrishi

703. Promotion of Flowering and Production of Seed in Cocoyam (Xanthosoma and Colocasia) [pdf 222Kb]
Jill E. Wilson

709. Progress in the Breeding of Cocoyam (Colocasia and Xanthosoma) [pdf 301Kb]
Jill E. Wilson

List of Participants