Subject: Taro

662. In vitro culture of microcorm in nine local cultivars of Taro (C. escultenta)
Kodiswaran and F. D. Ghani

662. Response of upland and lowland taro to oxyfluorfen
R. S. de la Pena

667. The effect of mulches on soil temperature and the yield of taro
A. M. Gurnah

667. Assessment of loss in yield due to damage of pests on taro in India
M. S. Palaniswami and K. S. Pillai

668. Increased utilization of taro through process and product development
J. H. Moy and W. K. Nip

674. The taro chip industry in Hawaii, its problems and potential for expansion
R. S. de la Pena

680. The nutritional value of taro (C. esculenta) for growth of young garden snails (Achatina fulica)
A. Maimon, M. Mazinah and G. Farah