Subject: Yam and Cocoyam

624. Systematics and utilization of yams (Discorea) in Sri Lanka
A. H. M. Jayasuriya

624. Cultural conditions required for cell division, callus induction and early stages of somatic embryogenesis in protoplast and tissue explants of Dioscorea alata L., CV. Oriental Lisbon
C. T. Twyford and S. H. Mantell

633. Recent advances in yam breeding
S. G. Nair, K. Abraham, M. Unnikrishnan, M. T. Sreekumari and C. S. Easwariamma

638. Production prospects for Yam miniset technology in Ghana
L. K. Djokoto and G. C. Kportfeame

642. Mechanized production of Yams in Barbados
J. P. W. Jeffers

642. Production of Lesser Yam. Dioscorea esculenta (Lour) Burk, in East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
F. M. Quin

643. An epidemiological approach to the study of Yam Mosaic Virus in The Ivory Coast
J. C. Thouvenel and R. Dumont

648. Studies on the nutritive value and utilization of tubers of Dioscorea alata and Dioscorea esculenta
K. Thirumaran, A. S. Thirumaran and M. A. Seralathan

648. Progress in Cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) breeding in Cameroon- 1979 to 1987
A. Agueguia

654. Response of cocoyams (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) to rate and time of application of potassium fertilizer
U. R. Sangakkara