Subject: General Topics

26. Bridging the research-farm gap for root crops in Adamaoua Province of the developing world.
M.O. Akoroda

31. Contributions of tropical root crops to socioeconomic improvement of the developing world.

37. Contribution of improved cassava and sweet potato varieties to the socioeconomic changes in some rural areas of Cameroon.
J. Ambe-Tumanteh

44. Collaboration between national agricultural research systems, international agricultural research centers, and funding agencies on technology development and transfer: the case of the Cameroon National Root Crops Improvement Program
J. A. Ayuk-Takem, S. N. Lyonga, and J.M. Ngeve

50. An analysis of the constraints in the delivery systems for tropical root and tuber crops.
I. C. Onwueme

55. An evaluation of the level of female participation in cassava and sweet potato on-farm trials and demonstrations in Sierra Leone.
B. N. Lahai

62. Genotype evaluation for intercropping systems.
D. S. O. Osiru and H. C. Ezumah

72. Effects of fertilizer and time of introduction of cassava in yam/maize/cassava intercrop on component yields.
S. O. Odurukwe and J. E. G. Ikeorgu

78. Potential utilization of tubers from three tropical root crops in preparing dehydrated mycological media.
R. T. Awuah

83. Enzymatic starch extraction from tropical root and tuber crops.
J. Kallabinski and C. Balagopalan

89. Quality aspects of tropical root crop starches.
J. Richard

94. Technical performance of a root crop chipping machine.
Y.W. Jeon and L.S. Halos