Subject: Posters

288. Polysaccharides of lotus root
L. Ramsden and W. Y. Bic

291. Variability of non-starch pol-saccharides in taro
L. Ramsden and C. Y. Ling

293. Measurement of amylose content in sweetpotato starch by near infrared analysis
K. Ishiguro and O. Yamakawa

297. Some evidences for involvement of jasmonic acid in storage root formation in sweetpotato
M. Nakatani and Y. Koda

302. Physicochemical characterizations of three unconventional sources of starch from the Andean region in Ecuador
S. Santacruz, E. Swensson, K. Koch, A. C. Eliasson and J. Ruales

305. Enzyme-based dip-stick: An easy-to-use alternative for estimation of cyanogen level in cassava roots
H. H. Yeoh, T. Sanchez and C. A. Iglesias

308. Antimutagenic activity of water extracts from sweetpotato
M. Yoshimoto, S. Okuno, M. Yoshinaga and O. Yamakawa

314. Seeds and seedlings of Dioscorea opposita through natural crossing
T. Sato

317. Functional analysis of the cassava vein mosaic virus promoter and its usage for cassava genetic engineering
B. Verdaguer and A. de Kochko

320. Enhanced production, recipe development, and consumption of sweetpotato in Ghana, West Africa
E. Bonsi, R. Zabawa, P. David and C. Nti

323. Characterization and use of lactic acid bacteria in traditional gari production
J. C. Francisco and M. L. Johansson