Subject: Research Papers

166. Microbial linamarases for the detoxification of vegetable products
L. Brimmer, A. R. Cicalini, F. Federici and M. Petruccioli

169. Correlation between cyanogenic glucoside content and taste of fresh cassava roots
J. D. K. Saka, A. R. K. Mhone, J. Mkambira, L. Brimer, M. Bokanga, N. M. Mahungu, L. Chiwona-Karltun and H. Rosling

174. Contents of b -carotene and ยต -tocopherol of sweetpotato cultivars newly developed for processing purposes
S. Okuno, M. Yoshimoto, T. Kumagai nd O. Yamakawa

177. Biochemical comparison in storage: Stress response between sweetpotato and cassava
I. Uritani

183. Relationship between tuberization and the appearance of a neutral invertase activity in Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urban
V. Vaillant and F. Pilet

186. Relationship between anthocyanin composition and paste colour in purple-fleshed sweetpotato
M. Yoshinaga. M. Nakatani and O. Yamakawa

189. Screening sweetpotato for drought tolerance in the Philippine highlands and genetic diversity among selected genotypes
B. A. Anselmo, Z. N. Ganga, E. O. Badol, Y. M. Heimer and A. Nejidat

197. Evaluation of germplasm and improved crop management practices for sweetpotato production in the U. S. Virgin Islands
S M. A.Crossman, M. C. Palada, J. A. Kowalski and C. D. Collingwood

204. Yield stability differences among sweetpotato genotypes under field and controlled environments
P. P. Davie, C.K. Bonsi, D. G. Mortley and A. A. Trotman

208. The potential for extending the shelf-life of sweetpotato in East Africa through cultivar selection
D. Rees, R. Kapinga, E. Rwiza, R. Mohammed, Q. van Oirschot, E. Carey and A. Westby

212. Genetic variation in physical properties of flour from selected Asian yams (Dioscorea spp.)
V. B. Salda, L. Ramsden, M. Sun and H. Corke

217. Application of embryo culture in germinating African cassava mosaic disease resistant gene mapping population
A. O. Akano, S. Y. C. Ng, A. G. O. Dixon and G. Thottappilly

220. Advancement of sweetpotato breeding for high starch content in Japan
K. Komaki, K. Katayama and S. Tamiya

224. Analysis of genetic diversity in Guinea yams (Dioscorea spp.) using AFLP fingerprinting.
H. D. Mignouna, N. T. H. Ellis, M. R. Knox, R. Asiedu and Q. N. Ng

230. Network impact and scientific advances in cassava biotechnology.
A. M. Thro and M. Fregene

238. Promotion and adoption of yam minisett technology in Ghana
J. A. Bakang

243. Influence of carbon source on in vitro tuberization and growth of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.)
S. Y. C. Ng and S. H. Mantell

248. Multiplying taro and tannia planting material: Splitting of corm apices and the use of commonly available growth substances
H. Saese, I. C. Onwueme and J. Gamo

252. Improving traditional yam production systems: The case of yellow yams in Jamaica
H. Chin Sue and L. D. Wickham

257. Comparative output of calories from starchy food crops in sub-Saharan Africa.
M. O. Akoroda

262. A review of progress in Trinidad on some processing technologies of three selected root crops
G. S. H. Baccus-Taylor, N. Birju and N. Badrie

267. Market potential for cassava flours and starches in Ghana
A. J. Graffham, J. T. Ababio, N. Dziedozoave, G. Day, A. Andah, A. Budu, G. S. Ayernor, S. Gallat and A. Westby.

271. Development of alternative flavour types of sweetpotato as a means of expanding consumption
S. J. Kays, Y. Wang and W .J. McLaurin

276. Processing technology and safety of "Kpukpuru": An indigenous weaning food in Nigeria's rural communities
E. T. Ojeniyi and O. O. Tewe

279. Evaluation of Xanthosoma violaceum acetylated starch performance for creams, sausages, and ice cream production
F. Pereira-Pacheco, G. Escamilla-Ojeda and L. Carvajal-Rodriguez

284. Development of sweetpotato cultivars for new processing use in Japan
O. Yamakawa