Subject: Contents

39. Mechanisms of taro resistance to leaf blight
P. K. Ho and L. Ramsden

45. Diagnosis of yam viruses
J. d'A. Hughes, L. N. Dongo and S. Y. C. Ng

49. Use of household disinfectants to suppress Pratylenchus coffeae and dry rot of yellow yam (Dioscorea cayenensis).
D. G. Hutton

53. Yam anthracnose in the English-speaking islands of the Eastern Caribbean: Successes and research advances in disease management.
F D. Mc Donald, A. T. Alleyne, L. W. O'Garro and A. J. Delauney

58. Discovery of new diseases of cassava in West Africa
W. Msikita, B. James, M. Ahounou, H. Baimey, B. G. Facho and R. Fagbemissi

64. Effect of foliage removal on root yield, dry matter, and proximate composition of five sweetpotato genotypes in Ghana.
T. K. Amenyenu, P. P. David, E. Bonsi and R. Zabawa

67. Cassava plant population and leaf harvesting effects on the productivity of cassava-rice intercrop on the upland in Sierra Leone
A. Jalloh

72. Variations in root and foliage yields and quality among green mite-resistant cassava clones
A. Larbi, A. G. O. Dixon, J. W. Smith and O. T. Yusuf

77. Alternative manifestations in origin, form, and function of the primary nodal complex of yams (Dioscorea spp.): A review
L. A. Wilson, L.D. Wickham and T. Ferguson

84. The effect of salting sweetpotato chips prior to drying on infestation by Araecerus fasciculatus
J. A. Agona, M. S. Nahdy, D. P. Giga and D. Rees

89. Cassava in Africa: The root of development in the 21st century
M. Bokanga

93. The causes and consequences of taro leaf blight in Samoa and the implications for trade patterns in taro in the South Pacific region
E. Chan, M. Milne and E. Fleming

99. Tropical root crops: Sustainable food security for the 21st century
S. Chandra

102. Conceptual issues in the use of cassava modelling for improved production in drought environments
I. J. Ekanayake

106. Assessment of the nutritional value and competitiveness of traditional foods in South Pacific economies: A case study of root crops in Fiji
E. Fleming and. T. K. Lim

111. Progress towards a global strategy for cassava development
A. Westby, G. Henry, R. B. Centro, R. Kapinga, C. Sourang and M. Bokanga

115. The marketing system for fresh yams in Techiman, Ghana and associated post-harvest losses
R. Bancroft, A. Gray and S. Gallat, D. Crentsil and S. Gogoe

120. Rapid dissemination of tropical root crop information via the Internet and other modes of communication
B. Duell

125. Diversification of cassava utilization in the Lake Zone of Tanzania: A case study
R. Kapinga, A. Westby, E. Rwiza, Z. Bainbridge and A. Nsanzugwanko

129. Methods for examining the relationship between quality characteristics and economic value of marketed fresh sweetpotato
G. Ndunguru, M. Thomson, R. Waida, E. Rwiza and A. Westby

134. Review of research in Papua New Guinea for sustainable production of taro (Colocasia esculenta)
S. A. Sar, B. M. Wayi and R. D. Ghodake

139. Production and utilization of tropical root crops in Trinidad and Tobago
A. Seesahai and G. Henry

143. Improving the impact of post-harvest research and development on root and tuber crops: The needs-assessment approach
A. Westby, U. Klieh, A. Hall, G. Bockett, D. Crentsil, G. Ndunguru, A. Graffam, S. Gogoe, D. Hector, S. Nahdy and S. Gallat