Subject: Research Papers

1. Root biomass and nutrient uptake of taro in the lowlands of Papua New Guinea
A. E. Hartemink and M. Johnston

6. Better nutrition for the improvement of sweetpotato and taro yields in the South Pacific
S. M. Halavatau, J. N. O'Sullivan, C. J. Asher and F. P. C. Blamey

13. The growth performance of taro (Colocasia esculenta) grown from true seed
M. Johnson and P. A. Gendua

18. Integration of cassava tuber and forage legume seed production for sustained soil fertility
P. Lusembo, E. Ebong and E. N. Sabiiti

21. Evaluation of nitrification inhibitor to improve fertilizer N use efficiency in potato crop
W. Mohammed, M. M. Iqbal, S. M. Shah, H. Nawaz and N. Basar

25. Performance of sweetpotato in different agro-ecologies in Ghana
J. A. Otoo, A. Missah, C. Osei, A. G. Carson, A.Y. Alhassan, J. K. Taah, P.P. Frimpong-Manso, K. O. Asubonteng and A. Ankoma

29. The yield response of two sweetpotato cultivars grown in bags using different soil amendments
A. Seesahai and T. U. Ferguson

35. Comparison of the elemental composition of sweetpotato grown in a bioreator effluent and modified half Hoagland solution
A. A. Trotman, P. P. David, C. K. Bonsi, W. A. Hill and P. A. Loretan