Subject: Breeding and Improvement

Contents of Section I [pdf 35Kb]

1. Address by Hon. Lionel M. Robinson - Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries, Trinidad and Tobago [pdf 116Kb]

3. The Sterility - Incompatibility Complex of the Sweet Potato [pdf 670Kb]
Franklin W. Martin

16. Notes on Self-incompatibility in the Genus Ipomoea L. [pdf 726Kb]
D. B. Williams and F. W. Martin

31. Improved Techniques in Breeding and Inheritance of some of the Characters in the Sweet Potato, Ipomoea batatas L. [pdf 364Kb]
Teme P. Hernandez, Travis Hernandez, R. J. Constantin and R. S. Kakar

41. Discussion 1 [pdf 257Kb]

45. The Economic Aspects of the Pacific Sweet Potato Collection [pdf 550Kb]
D. E. Yen

55. Discussion 2 [109 Kb]

57. A Computer-Aided Morphological Classification of Manihot esculenta Crantz [pdf 562Kb]
David J. Rogers

79. Discussion 3 [pdf 112Kb]

81. Intra and Interspecific Crosses in the Genus Manihot [pdf 334Kb]
G. G. Bolhuis

89. Preliminary Work on the Problem of Classifying Manioc Varieties [pdf 443Kb]
Luis A. Montoya, Ernesto H. Casseres, Guillermo Hernandez, Raul Mosqueda, Sergio Brambila and Irma Tegada

100. Recent Trends in Cassava Breeding in India [pdf 913Kb]
M. L. Magoon

117. Discussion 4 [pdf 70Kb]

118. Andean Tuber and Root Crops: Origin and Variability [pdf 297Kb]
Jorge Leon

124. Some Edible Rhizomatous and Tuberous Crops of India [pdf 363Kb]
B. C. Kundu

131. Some Aspects of Sweet Potato Breeding at the Kabanyolo University Farm [pdf 396Kb]
A. S. MacDonald

141. Discussion 5 [pdf 116Kb]

144. Yield Trials with Dioscorea alata [pdf 277Kb]
W. V. Royes

152. Discussion 6 [pdf 135Kb]