Subject: Storage, Processing and Utilization

Contents of Section VI [pdf 23Kb]

1. Heat and Air-Flow Characteristics in Drying Crops [pdf 670Kb]
B. N. Ghosh

25. Discussion [pdf 143Kb]

28. Post Harvest Problems of the Yams (Dioscorea) [pdf 351Kb]
D. G. Coursey

35. Discussion [pdf 109Kb]

37. Recent Developments in the Manufacture of Starch from Cassava Root in Uganda [pdf 394Kb]
B. N. Ghosh

48. Investigation on Starches from some West African Root Crops [pdf 475Kb]
V. Rasper

60. Discussion [pdf 131Kb]

62. Utilization of Yuca in Swine Feeding [pdf 432Kb]
Jerome N. Maner, Julian Buitrago and Ivan Jimenez

72. A Preliminary Study of the Nutritive Value of some Dehydrated Tropical Roots [pdf 566Kb]
H. F. Jeffers and P. H. Haynes

90. Discussion [pdf 145Kb]