Subject: Economics

Contents of Section V [pdf 28Kb]

1. The Significance of Root Crops in the Tropics [pdf 528Kb]
Kenneth A. Leslie

14. Discussion [pdf 252Kb]

18. Some Economic Aspects of Root Crop Production [pdf 751Kb]
Ann Morgan Rees

34. Starchy Roots in the Dietaries of developing Tropical Countries [pdf 645Kb]
William O. Jones

45. Some Factors Affecting the Demand for Starchy Roots and Tubers [pdf 584Kb]
Medford N. Alexander

57. An Economic View of the Development of new Production Systems [pdf 533Kb]
D. T. Edwards and J. Cropper

67. The Discrepancy between Social and Private Returns to Mechanization in the early phase of Economic Development [pdf 570Kb]
Bruce F. Johnson

77. Discussion [pdf 512Kb]

85. The Development of Irish Potato Industry in Jamaica [pdf 970Kb]
I E. Johnson

110. Root Crops in the Barbadian Economy [pdf 571Kb]
E. G. B. Gooding

125. The Arrowroot Industry in St. Vincent [pdf 672Kb]
C. I. Martin

140. Discussion [pdf 290Kb]