Subject: Crop Protection


Contents of Section IV [pdf 23Kb]

1. Sweet Potato Diseases and their Control [pdf 471Kb]
W. J. Martin

10. Discussion [pdf 187Kb]

13. Diseases of the Genus Colocasia in the Pacific Area and Their Control [pdf 307Kb]
E. E. Trujillo

19. Discussion [pdf 54Kb]

20. Weed Control in Root Crops grown in the West Indies [pdf 242Kb]
L. Kasasian and J. Seeyave

26. Discussion [pdf 31Kb]

27. Distribution of Sweet Potato Weevils in the French West Indies [pdf 129Kb]
J. Bonfils and A. Jean Bart

30. Discussion [pdf 27Kb]

31. Vascular Streaking of Stored Cassava Roots [pdf 213Kb]
C. W. Averre