Subject: Agronomy

Contents of Section III [pdf 37Kb]

1. The use of Physiological Studies in the Agronomy of Root Crops [pdf 504Kb]
P. H. Haynes

18. Growth and Storage in Tropical Root Crops [pdf 269Kb]
L. M. Degras

27. Discussions [pdf 197Kb]

31. Irrigation to Increase Sweet Potato Production [pdf 232Kb]
Teme P. Hernandez and Travis Hernandez

Discussion [pdf 109Kb]

39. Root Crops in Ghana [pdf 1.2Mb]
E. V. Doku

66. Discussion [pdf 142Kb]

69. Status of Root Crop Research in the Philippines [pdf 568Kb]
Cresencio D. Molinyawe

84. Research on Root Crops by I. R. A. T. in Africa and Madagascar [pdf 202Kb]
P. Silvestre

88. Notes on Sweet Potato Research in West New Guinea (West Iran) [pdf 661Kb]
J. Ruinard

109. Discussion [pdf 168Kb]

112. Some Aspects of the Sweet Potato and Its Agronomy in Uganda [pdf 432Kb]
A. S. McDonald

124. Discussion [pdf 125Kb]

127. Sweet Potato Research in Puerto Rico [pdf 228Kb]
Carlos G. Moscoso

131. Propagation of Sweet Potato with Different Kinds of Cuttings [pdf 177Kb]
J. P. de Kraker and G.G.Bolhuis

136. Discussion [pdf 44Kb]

137. Problems of Yam Cultivation in Barbados [pdf 420Kb]
E. G. B. Gooding and R. M. Hoad

149. Discussion [pdf 149Kb]

152. Experiments on Yams in Guadeloupe [pdf 230Kb]
G Rouanet

159. Regenerative Ability Trials on Tuber Pieces of Discorea composita in Mexico [pdf 450Kb]
Jose Sarukhan K. and Jesus Vazquez S.

170. Discussion [pdf 45Kb]

171. Some Experiments with Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) in Trinidad 1963-4 [pdf 330Kb]
T. Chapman

180. Cassava in the Malagasy Republic [pdf 195Kb]