Subject: Sweetpotato

Sweetpotato Biotechnology

Genotypic variation of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L. (Lam)) under low potassium stress
Lu Guoquan and Melvin S. George

Develop genetic linkage map of sweetpotato
D.P. Zhang, A. Kriegner, M. Ghislain, K. Burg, P.O. Hurtado, J.C. Cerbantes, G. Rossel and X.Q. Li

Plant regeneration from embryogenic suspension cultures of sweetpotato
Q.C. Liu, H. Zhai, D.H. Lu, Y. Wang and D.P. Zhang

Genetic transformation of sweetpotato with gene coding for winged bean chymotrypsin inhibitor
G. Cipriani and D.P. Zhang

Sweetpotato Agronomy

Sweetpotato production and research prospects in Taiwan
Yi-Shin Chen, Hsin-Chen Lee and Shu-Fang Lo

Analysis of the technical efficiency of food crop production in a sweetpotato/coffee-based farming system in the highlands of Papua New Guinea
Duncan Overfield and Euan Fleming

Nitrogen fertilizer management in Beauregard sweetpotatoes
Jonathan R. Schultheis and Wilfred (Bill) R. Jester

The effectiveness of selected hedgerows as erosion barriers on sloping volcanic ash soils: technical and economic impacts on sweetpotato and peanut production
Passingham Igua and Euan Fleming

Sweetpotato production on marginal soils in Malaysia
S.L. Tan

Sweetpotato Nursery Technology

Sweetpotato transplant production in a closed system as affected by environmental parameters
F. Affreen and T. Kozai

Propagation system and economic impact of virus-free planting material on sweetpotato
L.M. Zhang, Q.M. Wang, C.Y. Wang, K.O. Fuglie, Y. Wang and L.F. Salazar

Yield and growth of sweetpotato using plug transplants produced on different substrate volumes and planted with or without roots
A.F.M. Saiful Islam, Kosuke Sakami, Toyoki Kozai

Specification evaluation of virus-free sweetpotato and its use in hybridization
Ma Daifu, Li Xiuying, Li Hongmin, Xie Yiping, Wang Yi, Zhang Liming, Liu Zhangxiong and Li Qiang

Sweetpotato Breeding

The release of the first four sweetpotato varieties in Ghana
J.A. Otoo, A. Missah, C. Osei, J. Manu-Aduening, A.G. Carson, I. Oduro, D.B. Okai, K.A. Marfo, J.K. Taah, I. Asante, J.N.L. Lamptey, V. Dzereke, J. Haleegoah, K.O. Asubonteng and A.Y. Alhassan

Cultural adaptability of sweetpotatoes in Monglolia
L. Batmunkr

A review of recent progress in breeding sweetpotato in South Africa for resource-poor farmers
Sunette M. Laurie and Andre A. van den Berg

Selection of low and high amylose sweetpotato lines
Koji Ishiguro and Osamu Yamakawa

Characteristic evaluation of sweetpotato petiole utilized as vegetable in Korea
Byeong-Choon Jeong, Young Sup Ahn, Mi Nam Chung and Joon Seol Lee

Trypsin inhibitor activities in sweetpotato varieties
Hock-Hin Yeoh, Jun Toyama, Tooru Kobayashi, Makoto Yoshimoto and Osamu Yamakawa

Efficiency of polycross method in the improvement of sweetpotato
S.K. Naskar and P.K. Ghosh

Sweetpotato as a poverty alleviation crop: clonal selection for consumers in southwestern Nigeria
M.O. Akoroda

Sweetpotato Genetics and Pathology

Effects of viruses on sweetpotatoes in Louisiana, USA
C.A. Clark, M.W. Hoy, R.A. Valverde, D.R. La Bonte and J.M. Cannon

Genetic diversity in Papua New Guinea sweetpotato germplasm
Diego Fajardo, Don R. La Bonte and Robert L. Jarret

Self-incompatibility and reproductive-organ specific gene products in a wild diploid species of the sweetpotato
Yasuo Kouyama, Nobuhiko Kadota and Rubens Norio Tomita

Inheritance of resistance to the root-knot nematode in the tetraploid cytotype of Ipomoea trifida (H.B.K.) Don
Itaru Shiotani, Shuichi Oyagi and Saori Okumura

Yield and post-harvest quality of tetraploidy hybrids between Ipomoea batatas and I. trifida
Daniel Reynoso, Evelyn Buleje and Dapeng Zhang

Asian network for sweetpotato genetic resources (ANSWER): Key issues and concerns
Algerico M. Mariscal

Sweetpotato Physiology

Ethylene biosynthesis in sweetpotato root tissue infected by black rot fungus (Ceratocystis fimbriata)
Hiroshi Hyodo, Kyoko Okumura, Seijiro Yoshioka and Nozomi Konagai

Biosynthetic pathway of chlorogenic and isochlorogenic acids in sweetpotato roots
Mineo Kojima

Role of cyanide-resistant respiration in sweetpotato root infected with black-rot fungus
Katsuhiro Sakano and Ikuzo Uritani

Activitation of polyphenol oxidase in sweetpotato cells in suspension culture
Masayuki Nozue, Yukiko Nakano, Yukitaka Yoshida, Hidenari Shioiri and Mineo Kojima

Sweetpotato Postharvest

Cultivar variation in wound healing efficiency of sweetpotato and Irish potato and the effect on shelf-life
Quirien van Oirschot, Debbie Rees, Julia Aked and Agnes Kihurani

Establishment of an integrated support mechanism for the sweetpotato starch factory in Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Alan B. Loreto, Julieta R. Roa, Jose R. Pardales Jr., Marcelo A. Quevedo

Adding value on sweetpotato through food processing - the experience of Sichuan
G. Huang, J. Xie, J.J. Hu, J. Lei, L.P. Ling and Y. Wang

Sugar composition of sweetpotato fiber and cell wall polysaccharides from sweetpotato, cassava and potato by HPAEC-PAD method
Lorena D. Salvador, Toshihiko Suganuma, Kanefumi Kitahara, Hayao Tanoue and Masakatsu Ichiki

Increasing the contribution of sweetpotato to sustainable rural livelihoods in Tanzania
Regina E. Kapinga, Deborah Rees, Andrew Westby, Gabriel T. Ndunguru, Elizabeth Rwiza, Keith I. Tomlins, Tanya Stathers, Simon Jeremiah and Lawi Mbilinyi

Production of gari from sweetpotato tubers
I. Oduro, W.O. Ellis, J.A. Otoo, A.O. Akuffo and E. Moses

Sweetpotato Poster Session

Isolation of Klebsiella oxytoca as endophytic diazotroph from sweetpotato in Japan
K. Adachi, M. Nakatani and H. Mochida

Effect of cultural conditions on anthocyanin content of Ayamurasaki
Tooru Kobayashi, Hiroki Ikoma and Hideyuki Mochida

Preceding crop suitable for edible sweetpotato production in southern Kyushu
H. Mochida, Y. Tateishi and T. Kobayashi

A genetic linkage map of hexaploid sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) based on AFLP markers
A. Kriegner, J.C. Cervantes, G. Rossel, P.O. Hurtado, K. Burg, M. Ghislain and D. Zang

Producing sweetpotato for processing into wholesome food products
S.L. Tan, S.Y. Lee, O. Salma and H.A. Hasimah

Assessment of genetic variation of African sweetpotato varieties using different molecular markers
S.T. Gichuki, M. Berenyi, K. Hohl, J. Schmidt, J. Glossl and K. Burg

Selection of sweetpotatoes resistant to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in pots
Yumi Kai, Zen-ichi Sano and Osamu Yamakawa

Correlation between the amounts of amylose and Wx protein in sweetpotato
Kenji Katayama, Seiji Tamiya and Katsumi Komaki

Development of sweetpotato rootstock for flower induction
Toru Kumagai, Tadahiro Sonoda and Osamu Yamakawa

Cloning and analysis of retrotransposon fragments from the sweetpotato
Masaru Tanaka, Makoto Nakatani, Masaru Yoshinaga and Yoshinori Nakazawa

Varietal differences in anthocyanin content and composition of sweetpotato tops
Masaru Yoshinaga, Masaru Tanaka, Yoshinori Nakazawa and Makoto Nakatani

TAIL PCR to detect possible transposition of a retrotransposon in sweetpotato genome
Makoto Tahara, Toyoaki Wada, Naomi Shiomi and Takefumi Miyahara

Effect of harvest time on nutrient content of sweetpotato leaves
Makoto Yoshimoto, Shigenori Okuno, Kazuo Suwa, Terumi Sugawara and Osamu Yamakawa

Ants as potential predators of lepidopteran and scarabaeid pests in the sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas (Convolvulaceae), fields
Hiroshi Suenaga

Growth of sweetpotato plug transplants in a closed system as affected by cell volume and type of cutting
Dongxian He, Changhoo Chun, Yeehin Lok and Toyoki Kozai

Chilling tolerance improvement in sweetpotato through somaclonal variation and cell line selection
Kei-ichiro Ueno, Kei Shimonishi and Masami Himeno

The mechanism of increase in I-ascorbic acid in wounded sweetpotato root
Kazuko Oba

Sweetpotato virus disease in East Africa: a 1999 update on incidence
V. Aritua, R.OM. Mwanga, J.P. Legg, J. Ndunguru and R.W. Gibson

Screening of AFLP markers in polyploidy of Ipomoea species related to sweetpotato
Yoshihiro Okada, Tatsuro Murata, Akira Saito, Chikara Miyazaki and Yasushi Matsuda

Preliminary observations on the potential for long-term storage of fresh sweetpotatoes under tropical conditions
Q.E.A van Oirshot, T. Ngendello, R. Amour, E. Rwiza, D. Rees, K.I. Tomlins, D. Jeffries, D. Burnett and A. Westby

Tuber of sweetpotato can be a source of water supply to shoot
Kazumi Sekiya, Akira Yamauchi, Katsuya Yano, Morio Iijima and Jiro Tatsumi

Cultivar variation of sweetpotatoes in susceptibility to mechanical damage during post-harvest handling
Quirien E.A. van Oirschot, Debbie Rees, Keith I. Tomlins and Julia Aked

Use of trained sensory panels to screen for consumer acceptability of sweetpotato
K. Tomlins, E. Rwiza, M. Nyango, R. Munisi, R. Kapinga, T. Ndengello, D. Rees and A. Westby

Improved handling of sweetpotato in Tanzania, East Africa
K.I. Tomlins, G.T. Ndunguru, E. Rwiza and A. Westby

Current role of sweetpotato and its earlier harvesting by improved PE film mulch cultivation in Korea
Byeong Choon Jeong

Detection of Ty1/copia-like reverse transcriptase sequences in Ipomoea batatas
Arthur Q. Villordon, Robert L. Jarret and Don R. La Bonte