Subject: Cassava

Cassava Agronomy

The use of a farmer participatory approach in the development and dissemination of more sustainable cassava production practices
Reinhardt H. Howeler

An assessment of the impact of cassava production and processing on the environment and biodiversity
Reinhardt H. Howeler, Christopher G. Oates and Antonio Costa Allem

Effects of intercropping systems based on cassava on the soil fertility
Koffi Akakpo

Establishment characteristics of grafted cassava (Manihot esculenta) in Papua New Guinea
I.C. Onwueme, M. Gende and S. Poloma

Cassava Pathology

Status of cassava root rot pathogen (Botryodiplodia theobromae) in Nigeria
T.J. Onyeka, A.G.O. Dixon and E.J.A. Ekpo

Cassava Physiology and Breeding

Post-harvest physiological deterioration of cassava
John R Beeching, Kim Reilly, Rocio Gomez-Vasquez, Hongying Li, Yuanhuai Han, Maria X Rodriguez, Holger Buschmann, Nigel Taylor, Claude Fauquet, Joe Tohme

Calcium oxalate crystals and cyanogenic glucosides in cassava and related Manihot species
K. Vijaya Bai and M. Bokanga

Variation and genetic mapping of quantitative traits in and F1 cassava mapping population
E. Okogbenin and M.A. Fregene

Morphological characterization of a collection of cassava germplasm in Ghana
O. Safo-Kantanka, E.Y. Boampong and I.K. Asante

Cassava Pathology

Detection, characterization and distribution of viruses infecting cassava in South Africa
C. Jericho, Jr and G.J. Thompson

Cassava Postharvest and Economics

Use of cassava flour in paperboard adhesives
Nanam Tay Dziedzoave, Andrew John Graffham, Benjamin Amartey Mensah and Cletus Gyato

Effects of air drying conditions on the chemical, pasting and sensory properties of Fufu, a fermented cassava product
L.O. Sanni, J.O. Akingbala, O.B. Oyewole, Z.A. Bainbridge, A.J. Graffham and A. Westby

Cell separation and softening of cassava after fermentation with a mixed culture inoculum
Mathew George

Correlation between drying time, storage and cyanide reduction in small size cassava chips
Ana Paula Cardoso, Lucas Daniel Tivanaa, Remigio Zvauya and Jose da Cruz Francisco

The gobal cassava development strategy: methods, ownership, clients and promotion
G. Henry, A. Westby, M. Porto

Trends in the drying of cassava products in Africa
L.O. Sanni

Ethanol industry and major technical development in production of ethanol from cassava in Nigeria
Bamikole Olaoluwa Toyin

Cassava Poster Session

Cassava mosaic disease epidemiologic and host/virus vector interactions
S. Ranomenjanahary, J. Ramelison, J. Legg

Comparisons in soil water extraction between cassava cultivars
Katsuya Yano, Yasuko Kato, Dionisio M. Banoc, Jose R. Pardales Jr. and Akira Yamauchi

Changes in thermal images of cassava shoots with excising the tuberous roots
Katsuya Yano, Dionisio M. Banoc, Jose R. Pardales Jr. and Akira Yamauchi

Effect of pruning and NPK fertilizers on the growth and yield of cassava in an alley cropping system
P.T.J. Alpha, D.S. Amara, and A.B. Karim

Physico-chemical analysis of modified cassava starches presenting baking property
Ivo Mottin Demiate, Christian Mestres, Marney Pascoli Cereda, Gilvan Wosiacki

Improvement in Brazilian cassava starch productivity
Olivier Vilpoux

Effectiveness of integrating the use of resistant genotype, choice of cutting and planting date to control cassava mosaic disease
F.O. Ogbe, T. Enyinnia, N. Onunka and T.N.C. Echendu

Expansion development of cassava starch modified by lactic acid and treated with ultraviolet radiation
Marney Pascoli Cereda and Ortencia Leocadia Gonzales da Silva Nunes

The CMD incidence in cassava varieties preferred by growers in differents regions of Madagascar
J. Ramelison and Y.S. Ranomenjanahr

Use of fermented cassava starch in the development of a formulation for bread without gluten
Luiz Fernando Santos Escouto and Marney P. Cereda

Evaluation of Linamarin degradation by microorganisms isolated of soils samples collected from treatment lagoons near cassava factories
S. Pantaroto, M.P. Cereda, J.R. Cagnon and M. Foglio

Diallel analysis of resistance in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) to the African cassava mosaic disease
Y. Lokko, A.G.O. Dixon, S.K. Offei and E.Y. Danquah