Subject: Participatory Technology Development and Transfer

  1. Research partnership for development impact : Conceptual and methodological challenges [pdf 237Kb]
    Dr Dindo Campilan, CIP-UPWARD, Philippines.
  2. Evaluation and large-scale dissemination of orange-fleshed sweetpotato in sub Saharan Africa [pdf 385Kb]
    Dr R. Kapinga, International Potato Centre / PRAPACE, Uganda.
  3. Promoting farmer participation in cassava breeding. Lessons from participatory breeding for superior cassava in Ghana.[pdf 160Kb]
    Dr J.A. Manu-Aduening, Crops Research Institute, Ghana.
  4. Linking Farmers With Scientists : An Appropriate Mode For Technology Generation And Transfer Of Tuber Crops Technologies. [pdf 1Mb]
    Dr M. Anantharaman Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, India.
  5. Evaluation of Orange-fleshed sweet potato genotypes for smallholder farming systems in Orissa, India [pdf 182Kb]
    Mr Sreekanth Attaluri, International Potato Center (CIP-SWCA), CIP-Liaison Office, India.
  6. Do Farmers' Prefer White Yam? Varietal Assessment Through Participatory Approach In Kerala, Southern India [pdf 135Kb]
    Dr S. Ramanathan, Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, India.
  7. Recent Developments in Tapioca Industry & Future Prospects [pdf 524Kb]
    Mr R. Sivakumar, M/s Selvakumar Industries, India.