Subject: Adaptation of root and tuber crop system and mitigation of climate change

complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Global impacts of climate change on root and tuber crops: What to expect and what to do about it?
    Jarvis, A.

Oral presentations

  1. Root and tuber crops for surviving climatic change
    Akoroda M.O
  2. Visual representation of the vulnerability of potato based systems to climate extremes [pdf 478kb]
    Cruz, Mariana
  3. Tropical root crops: The impact of climate change on future production and utilization in the South Pacific Island Countries [pdf 236kb]
    Chandra, Satish
  4. Ex ante assessment of climate change adaptation strategies in resource-poor countries: study cases from East Africa [pdf 188kb]
    Claessens, Lieven
  5. Utilization of high-resolution satellite images to improve the statistics of sweet potato cultivated area in the district of Kumi, Uganda [pdf 494kb]
    Zorogastua, Percy
  6. Increasing production and farmers' income in the rice-potato systems of China
    Xie, Kaiyun
  7. Comparative assessment of soil carbon stocks in different agroecologies in Southern Peru [pdf 259kb]
    Segnini, Aline;


  1. A new culture technique for winter potato in South China
    Luo, Wenbin
  2. Minimum tillage systems with winter-potato in southern China [pdf 271kb]
    Oswald, Andreas
  3. Estimating daily rainfall from NDVI using the wavelet transform [pdf 255kb]
    Yarleque, Christian
  4. Improving targeting of potato producing areas with process-based modeling [pdf 615kb]
    Raymundo, R.