Subject: Participatory technology development information and innovation systems

complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Technological and organizational innovation: Evolving paradigms and challenges to promote root and tuber crops for poverty alleviation [pdf 69kb]
    Ortiz, Oscar

Oral presentations

  1. Innovation and experience with participatory plant breeding in Latin America
    Ashby, Jacqueline
  2. Educational innovation for Ugandan capacity development: Lessons from a new OFSP School Book [pdf 231kb]
    Nelles, Wayne
  3. Involving schoolchildren in orange-fleshed sweetpotato promotion – Achievements in Kampala [pdf 52kb]
  4. Out-scaling and up-scaling orange fleshed sweetpotato technologies: the potential role of innovation platforms [pdf 78kb]
    McEwan, Margaret
  5. Participatory breeding experience and implications for sweetpotato breeding in Uganda [pdf 55kb]
    Mwanga, Robert
  6. Gender Analysis in Taro Production Systems of East Africa
    Nandi, O.M.J
  7. Genotype x environment interactions and participatory on-farm selection of sweet potato in the Northern highlands of Tanzania [pdf 54kb]
    Kuoko, Sebastiani Stephen


  1. The LatinPapa Network: A platform for pro-poor potato improvement and varietal dissemination [pdf 176kb]
    De Haan, Stef
  2. Farmers' empowerment on potato disease management through participatory research in Nepal [pdf 68kb]
    Sharma, Buddhi
  3. Gender relationships in production and commercialization of potato seed with small-scale farmers in the central Andes of Ecuador [pdf 53kb]
    Antezana, Ivonne
  4. Soliciting farmers' concerns for breeding and increased adoption of orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties in Malawi
    Chipungu Felistas P.
  5. Scaling-up of Farmers Field School (FFS) in Peru. CIP's contribution to the process [pdf 75kb]
    Orrego, Ricardo