Subject: Root and tuber crops for feed and industry

complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Root and tuber crops for feed and industry [pdf 116kb]
    Ceballos, H.

Oral presentations

  1. Searching feeding strategies with sweet potato silage to improve smallholder crop-livestock production systems in Vietnam [pdf 189kb]
    Leon Velarde, Carlos
  2. Potential role of sweet potato to improve smallholder croplivestock production systems [pdf 342kb]
    Leon Velarde, Carlos
  3. Stability of fermentation carbohydrates in sweetpotato slurry during storage
    Hongmin, Li
  4. Kinetics of starch digestion in Australian sweetpotato as affected by particle size [pdf 188kb]
    Sopade, Peter
  5. Digestibility of starch and potassium in sweetpotato from Papua New Guinea [pdf 270kb]
    Sopade, Peter
  6. Post-harvest deterioration in cassava: From understanding towards control [pdf 210kb]
    Beeching, John
  7. Evaluation of altitude cassava for the starch production in Colombia
    Dufour Dominique
  8. Extraction and characterization of polisacharides of root Lepidium meyenii Walpers. Comparision of a processed product and fresh root after drying and grinding [pdf 195kb]
    Ramos Paredes, Larry


  1. Characterization of the physico-chemical structure of starch from native potatoes of group Solanum Phureja
    Dufour Dominique
  2. Indian potato processing industry: strengths, weaknesses and business opportunities
    Pandey, S.K.
  3. Comparison of functional properties of normal and amylose-free starches from different crops
    Ceballos, Hernan
  4. Evaluation of bread made with sweetpotato flour [pdf 220kb]
    Carpio, Rossemary
  5. Potential adoption of the cassava peeling machine in Southwest Nigeria [pdf 108kb]
    Adebayo, Kolawole
  6. Fungal and insect contamination of yam and cassava chips in Benin [pdf 160kb]
    Hell, Kerstin
  7. Extrusion characteristics of cassava and coconut
    Sheriff, J.T
  8. Characterization of amylose-free and high-amylose starch mutations in cassava
    Ceballos, Hernan
  9. Identification of different sources for tolerance to post-harvest physiological deterioration in cassava
    Ceballos, Hernan
  10. Identification and characterization of three different sources of sugary cassava genotypes
    Ceballos, Hernan
  11. Inhibition of enzymatic browning in D. alata chips using natural anti-browning agents [pdf 181kb]
    Oduro, Ibok
  12. Suitability of water yam (Dioscorea alata) in the production of couscous [pdf 87kb]
    Oduro, Ibok
  13. Glucose syrup from yam starch using rice malt as the source of enzymes [pdf 35kb]
    Oduro, Ibok