Subject: Crop Improvement and sustainable intensification of R&T crops

Complete session as pdf

Lead lecture

  1. Heritability estimates for an accelerataed breeding scheme (ABS) in clonally propagated crops – using sweetpotato as a model [pdf 197kb] 
    Grüneberg, Wolfgang

Oral presentations

  1. Inheritance of plant and tuber traits in diploid potatoes [pdf 173kb]
    Mosquera, Veronica
  2. Plant and tuber trait inheritance in autotetraploid potatoes (4x) [pdf 174kb]
    Mosquera, Veronica
  3. Breeding for heat tolerance, earliness and disease resistance for the warming potato producing environments [pdf 87kb]
    Mendoza, Humberto
  4. Potato multiple virus resistance breeding in Peru [pdf 118kb]
    Mendoza, Humberto
  5. Development of potato cultivars suitable for processing under subtropical conditions-conventional and biotechnological approaches [pdf 199kb]
    Pandey, S.K
  6. New potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) variety released for the high lands of Southern Ethiopia
    Tsegaye, Engida
  7. Adapting an instantaneous canopy photosynthesis model to simulate potato net primary productivity using remotely sensed data [pdf 145kb]
    Loayza, Hildo
  8. Adaptability and storability of CIP advanced potato clones under long-day conditions of Central Asia [pdf 148kb]
    Carli, Carlo
  9. Sweetpotato breeding in Uruguay [pdf 339kb]
    Rodriguez, Gustavo
  10. The Influence of GxE interaction on the storage root yields of orange fleshed sweet potato varieties grown in Ethiopia
    Tsegaye, Engida
  11. Inheritance patterns of tetraploid Dioscorea alata varieties
    Nemorin, Alice


  1. Breeding for the future: Assessing farmers' preferences for potato varieties in heat-Prone Gujarat, India [pdf 87kb]
    Kadian, Mohinder
  2. Modelling Potato Growth and Development with Parameters Derived from Remotely Sensed Data [pdf 150kb]
    Barreda, Carolina
  3. Agronomic characterization of sexual hybrids of potato (Solanum tuberosum) in Costa Rica
    Porras, Carolina
  4. Supplemental calcium nutrition may have the potential of improving tuber yield of native potatoes in the Peruvian highlands
    Palta, Jiwan
  5. New sweetpotato cultivars from INIA´s breeding project in Uruguay [pdf 74kb]
    Vicente, Carlos
  6. Detection of a quantitative inherited resistance to SPCSV by crossing DLP3163 with OFSP clones [pdf 137kb]
    Huamani, Kelvin
  7. Orange-fleshed sweetpotato varieties enhancement, one of the adopted strategies to alleviate malnutrition in Madagascar
    Rasoloniaina, M.
  8. Correction for missing plants in cassava evaluation trials
    Ceballos, Hernan
  9. Initial description of a mutation affecting plant architecture in cassava
    Ceballos, Hernan
  10. Tuber maturity in yams (Dioscorea spp.) [pdf 136kb]
    Sartie, Alieu
  11. Agricolae – a free statistical toolbox for agricultural experiments
    Simon, Reinhard
  12. Selection and calification of mathematic models for WGH-MELD cultivating in potatoes
    Zhang, Youngcheng