Regional Councillor Africa 1991 - 2003

Dr John Otoo
Crops Research Institute
PO Box 3785
Tel: +233-51-60389/60395/60396
Fax: +233-51-60142/60396
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Dr Otoo is currently Director of the Crops Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Ghana, West Africa. Before appointment as Director, he was the National Coordinator of the National Root and Tuber Research Programme. Dr Otoo has nine years of previous experience working with IITA's Root and Tuber Improvement Programme. Dr Otoo has conducted research on cassava, yam, sweet potato and cocoyam as well as other crops such as maize, cotton, soyabean and tobacco.

Dr Otoo has served ISTRC as the Councillor for the Africa Region since 1991. He has also acted as the secretary of the ISTRC-Africa Branch from 1986 to 1992.