Dr Emmanuel Okogbenin

First Vice President of 19th ISTRC Symposium

Dr Emmanuel Okogbenin
Director Technical Operations
African Agricultural technology Foundation (AATF)
Nairobi, Kenya
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Emmanuel has a multi-disciplinary background as a Plant Molecular Geneticist/Breeder and Agronomist (plant nutrition and physiology) with scientific publications in these disciplines.  He’s had professional/research working experience at both international and national systems in both Africa and South America. Emmanuel worked as part of the leadership team for the CIAT/IITA collaborative partnership on broadening of the cassava germplasm for Africa at IITA, Nigeria and was Molecular Breeder in Africa as part of the of the CIAT Cassava Genetics Team. He led MARS in cassava and cassava breeding community of practice initiatives encompassing several countries in Africa in the CGIAR-GCP Challenge initiatives.  He also served as the Product Delivery Coordinator for Cassava initiatives of the CGIAR-GCP.

 Within the same period, Emmanuel also led several national and international funded projects in molecular breeding for NRCRI (the national center for cassava R&D in Nigeria).  He is part of the research team that developed and released the first marker-assisted bred Latin American cassava varieties in Africa.  Emmanuel is currently the Director for Program Development and Commercialization at AATF.  He was a member of FAO Advisory Panel for the Regional Meeting on biotechnologies for Africa.  He is currently a member of the FAO Global Technical Committee for FAW control and a member of the Management Board of CONNECTED (University of Bristol, UK).  Emmanuel has co-supervised and mentored PhD students in the last 15 years.